Heaven, that I had thy head! he has found the meaning: But I will gloze with him. Pericles, Prince of Tyre by William Shakespeare


The original sense of the word 'gloze' comes from the Latin 'glossa,' a 'gloss' or explanatory note written in the margin of a text. This, "to make glozes or glosses upon; to discourse upon, expound, interpret." Over the centuries, gloze shifted in meaning from 'explain' to explain away.' The original sense is reinstated to capture the idea of document metadata.


The Document and Data Webs

Gloze sits at the boundary between the web of documents and the web of data. The mission of Gloze is to enable the free flow of information between the hypertext we know as Web 1.0, and the emerging semantic web of linked data. The goal is to develop tools and knowledge that allow people to explore linked data through documents, and to liberate the content of their documents as linked data.